I could say give me only Renaissance Dental  people who have had whitening and run that report there’s my one person’s got the W that they’ve had whitening done is what  you’re looking for here yeah now now we have you know because we have a code that we can use the whitening.

We could pull it differently but if you you know imagine if you were just trying to track all those patients who you refer to we can do that if you put an H in there so you could come up with your own  sort order be a PUD you utilize.

That field could it also be used for Renaissance Dental people who have an interest in that like I’ve brought it up and then we want to we want to maybe talk to him about it for having a whitening special or something like that you could but you can also use money finder.

Just to search the code so if you said they had they  had a plant you know again if the office is actually proposing those services right so if they had a plan to service and it was they you know the the whitening code that you guys use in the office – sure you can do.

It that way ok great that’s awesome so it’s a great tool to be able to do some sort of data mining and my favorite way to do this is  those who’ve had a completed d so a root canal for a period of time say three years ago or two years ago but they lack and they lack a completed crown need so boy so those are other people who had a root canal but they’ve never had a crown on.

That tooth right and I have to tell you anybody that’s listening from the office manager perspective when I hear my team members  say there’s nobody else to call like we’ve called everybody there’s no money nobody you use this because.

There’s always somebody to call there’s never a time when there’s not a patient you can call to try to get them reactivate again I’m in the schedule get treatment on yeah I actually right before Easter I had one of my offices that’s got a very large population of kids what we did is  we went to patients who are not scheduled who have insurance black sealants D and our between four seven and fourteen years old and we just drew a list of patients who never View more Renaissance Dental

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