If you’ve got somebody great that has the right personality the right work ethic let’s just teach them what they need to know when it comes to the to the dental office so the practices  that are that are utilizing this really great resource what are the ones that are having the most success.

That you found there’s multiple different I have so many different clients now using it so many different ways so some of them the ones  that jump in you know feet first dental helps all the  way are the ones of course doing the best I mean a lot of offices have been  doing it like in a huddle as a team where they all watch a video or two like maybe once a week and then that’s the  focus of the week so that way everyone’s you know getting training and working on whatever area it is that.

They’ve  trained on other ones are allotting time so they pull their staff off their post or off their position off their other area for half an hour I mean the videos  are all you know no longer than or minutes so an employee can sit down and watch or videos there’s quizzes at the end to make sure that they’re understanding what they get but they  pull them on away from their job and invest in them by training them so that’s been very successful for a lot offices a lot of doctors new doctors who are coming out of dental school buying  practices are using.

The videos themselves to to learn more about what they should be expecting from their front office team because I think what happens a lot of times is the doctor comes up to the the team and says fill  my schedule tomorrow and then they go in the back and they cross Facebook there fingers  and hope that the staff knows what they’re doing and then the the team singer or the employee at the front desk going how am I supposed to do that so  they’re kind of using it as a way to you know bridge that gap between.

The Ultimate Guide For Dental helps.