Centimeter long piece of wire likely  from her old braces doctors were surprised to find the wire because the woman now hadn’t worn braces in so long as reported in the medical journal case reports this week they believe the wire had been lying dormant in her system until.

It punctured her small bowel leading to pains the most commonly found swallowed items and adults tend to be fish bones and chicken bones but doctors also frequently see items we try to hold in our mouths mike bobby pins or screws a Britney Spears concert in Vegas was interrupted unceremoniously after a crazy fan.

Just had to have a share of the limelight   the pop princess was in the middle of a show at Planet Hollywood when a man jumped onstage did a front flip and then made his way to the center someone from backstage tried to drag crazy pants away.

But he threw the guy on he then had to deal with Brits backup dancers who quickly rushed to keep the psycho away from their Queen said Queen was ironically singing her hit song crazy and was oblivious to the commotion until to security Brain’s approach to escort her off.

The stage in one video the pop star sneeze can be seen buckling a bit as she  asks of the fan of the gun the stage hogging idiot meanwhile was held down by the dancers until security cuffed him and took him away fans were less than thrilled about his antics and can be heard calling him a certain unsavory body part. 

Sam the only dancin taken place would be on stage so yeah probably not crazy but definitely a jerk story Mike better luck next time a ginormous croc got a little too friendly with a fellow Aussie who escaped with life and limbs intact for now this is Matt right not Geo’s outback Wrangler who recently got in trouble with the internet for duct taping the snout of another giant croc.

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